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Blackberry Download Error

Blackberry Download Error

Blackberry Download Error

Hi. Let’s talk about download error on Blackberry such as 907 invalid cod, Error ID: 30222 or unknown error etc., i.e., on native browser or on AppWorld.

Several days ago I was installing Facebook for Blackberry from AppWorld on my friend’s smartphone. Then the download error occurred. So I thought that it would be good if I could take the smartphone home to find out how this could be happened.

I googled about the version of the device software that is It took me to Software Download for AT&T on Blackberry website page.

I went ahead to Blackberry official download page and downloading device software for Asia Pacific region. The version was

After having reinstalled device software now I can download anything from AppWorld. This was what I did also when some of my friends had similar download error on native browser every time they are installing application via OTA, usually 907 invalid cod. The error has gone after I had reinstalled device software which was appropriate to the region we are living.

So I recommend that you only install device software that your service provider has authorized for use with your device. The above AT&T software is for use in North America region. The application may conflict with your service provider if you use with other than the determined market region i.e., Indonesia service provider such as Indosat, Excelcomindo, Telkomsel etc.

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