Kitkat Apps And Games Data Onto extSdCard

Kitkat Apps And Games Data Onto extsdcard
Kitkat Apps And Games Data Onto extsdcard
Ever wanted all kitkat apps and games data always downloaded onto extSdCard? Well I did. Even I wish that there is a way to swap internal sd card with external sd card on my Samsung SM-G313HZ like Jelly Bean does. In simple explanation, the path /storage/emulated/0 (internal sd card) is /storage/extSdCard (external sd card) and /storage/extSdCard is /storage/emulated/0 so that all apps and games will read their data onto external sd card. I haven’t found a way to swap yet but I’ve found another solution though. There’s a module for Xposed framework for doing such magic thing although it doesn’t actually swap the storage, it’s called XInternalSD. The advantage of this module is I could install any apps and such big games from Google Play Store directly to my device without having worry about insufficient storage in Android. But! the module will crash MTP application so cannot use USB options such as Media Device (MTP) or Camera (PTP) when connecting USB to PC as a lack of the feature. Hope someday the developer has a fix.

Framework Installation

  • First your device must be rooted
  • Download, install and open Xposed
  • Click Framework and Install/Update
  • Reboot

Module Installation

  • Download and install XInternalSD
  • Open Xposed, click Modules and check XInternalSD


  • Open XInternalSD
  • Check all boxes
  • Setup path to internal SD card by typing /storage/extSdCard
  • Reboot
You’re all done, the module will do the rest and you can start download any apps and games from Google Play Store with ease.
Kitkat Apps And Games Data Onto extSdCard
Kitkat Apps And Games Data Onto extSdCard
So how can I use USB options such Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) or Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)?
You may want to manage files between Android & PC via wifi. Head over to post’s link below. Next → How To Manage Files Between Android & PC Via Wifi
Note! It is recommended that you install Obb on SD too. After you finish installing games directly to your extSdCard then deactivate XInternalSD by unchecking Custom internal SD path box, so you can enjoy using MTP application, My Files or Gallery application too without any weird things caused by XInternalSD.

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  2. Hey….I have rooted my Samsung mega 2 sm-g750h , by odin….n I have installed xposed on my device n I have modified my settings n theme….but I’m scared of crashing down my device or brick…….can u tell me how to backup current samsung stock rom

    1. download your stock firmware here and create application backup with zipme. if something goes wrong, flash your firmware with kies and flash your created application backup zip via cwm/twrp or tool app such as flashify.

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