Brick Breaker For Blackberry OTA

Wanna have BrickBreaker game on your Blackberry? You come to the right place. :p About BrickBreaker The object of BrickBreaker is to destroy bricks using a paddle and a ball. During the game, capsules fall from the bricks that you destroy. The capsules provide you with different mechanisms for destroying bricks or controlling the ball …

Gitar Acoustic-Electric Yamaha Murah Kualitas Suara Bagus

Habis mencoba beberapa gitar acoustic-electric di sekolah musik Max & Jeanny salah satu sublicense Yamaha di Rawamangun, beberapa tipe gitar diantaranya seri FX370C, APX500IIFM dan CPX500II, menarik perhatian saya tipe CPX500II (Compass series).