The Disk Is Write Protected Micro SD Card

the disk is write protected

the disk is write protected

If you have a Micro SD Card along with “The Disk Is Write Protected” error and searching for How To Remove the write protection on Windows, then you come to right place! Not because of I am going to give you the explanation steps to fix it but rather I am going to explain why you should not bother to continue searching for that so-called “how to” keywords to maintain your broken micro sd card, hahaha…

About Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card is a smallest Secure Digital Card that has no¬†built-in lock feature that can prevent micro sd card from an accidental erasure. Means that it doesn’t have lock switch in it.

The Cause

hdd regenerator

hdd regenerator

The Disk Is Write Protected error on micro sd card is caused by 2 things which are Data Corruption or Hardware Damage.

The Solution

If the card has corrupted data, you can fix the error by formatting the card. If the card has hardware damage then you should contact your card manufacturer to get a new one because there is no actual option to fix neither by software, command prompt, registry edit, nor any tricky methods.

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