Brick Breaker For Blackberry OTA

Brick Breaker For Blackberry OTA

Brick Breaker For Blackberry OTA

Wanna have BrickBreaker game on your Blackberry? You come to the right place. :p

About BrickBreaker
The object of BrickBreaker is to destroy bricks using a paddle and a ball. During the game, capsules fall from the bricks that you destroy. The capsules provide you with different mechanisms for destroying bricks or controlling the ball or paddle.
When you hit the ball with your paddle 50 times on any level, the bricks descend one space every few seconds.

I play this game when I have nothing to do, lol. Below is link is ready for over the air installation. Don’t forget to better open it in your native blackberry internet browser. If you are viewing this page from your computer, do not try to copy paste the link into your browser, else it will explode 😀 (kidding). Just type the link into your blackberry browser.

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